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Listings API Tips and Tricks

by Christopher Reichert December 3, 2015

Code and Coffee w/ SimplyRETS

At SimplyRETS, we try our best to make using our API and services a simple and pleasurable experience. This article describes some simple tips geared towards maximizing the stability and performance of your SimplyRETS application.

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Building Interactive Maps

by Christopher Reichert November 30, 2015

Map real estate search apps are a great way to enhance web app functionality and user-engagement. They can be significantly more user-friendly to use for real estate listing search utilities than standard html forms. Many features in the SimplyRETS API are built with this specific use-case in mind.

For the uninitiated, SimplyRETS leverages your RETS feed to offer tools and services for developing beautiful real estate software using your listing and open house data. Our services are designed to be simple and effective for any developer to use productively.

In this tutorial, I’ll outline how to build a simple map-based search app using the SimplyRETS API. If you want to skip to the code or follow along with a complete sample, you can use our Github Examples Repo.

We’ve prepared a live demo with the code from this tutorial here.

SimplyRETS Search Map Control

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Pagination with the SimplyRETS API

by Cody Reichert April 16, 2015

When building real estate websites and applications with the SimplyRETS API, our built in pagination will allow you to easily create “pages” of listings. There are a couple different methods for creating pagination links - below is a short tutorial on how that can be accomplished.

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Wordpress Plugin Map Views

by Cody Reichert April 7, 2015

Today, I’m excited to announce the v1.3.4 release of our Wordpress plugin which has all new integration with Google Maps to give your visitors a better Real Estate property search experience.

RETS Search Map

SimplyRETS believes in making IDX and RETS searches better and easier to user. We’re constantly looking for ways to improve both our Wordpress Plugin and our API in this regard.

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Hello, SimplyRETS!

by Christopher Reichert April 4, 2015

SimplyRETS, Inc.

Welcome to the SimplyRETS Blog! SimplyRETS is a service which connects to your RETS/IDX feed to offer a vastly simplified and modern REST API. We are helping developers building real estate software save time and money so they can focus on what’s importand; innovation. SimplyRETS makes it easy for developers with little or no experience in real estate data to get started quickly.

Our Goals

  • Offer a simplified, modern, and familiar API (Application Programming Interface) to developers which will help them iterate quickly on real estate software.

  • Allow agents unbranded access to their data. We don’t require our feeds to carry any SimplyRETS branding. Of course, your data is still subject to MLS rules. However, SimplyRETS wants to enhance and promote business applications built around lead generation.

  • Help developers and agents save time by not worrying about MLS compliance issues. We prioritize accurate and up-to-date data feeds. We also work with developers to make sure their application or website remains compliant with little to no maintenance or upkeep.

  • Build on a strong core data service, influenced by the RESO Data Dictionary. This core data model makes it possible for apps to interface with multiple MLS vendors out-of-the-box. This workflow is baked directly into our API and does not carry any extra recurring charges.

  • Distribute more free and open material for developers and agents to learn about their real estate data and how it works. All the code on our Github is free and open-source. We will also be working on tutorials, examples, and how-to’s to promote more innovative real estate development.

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