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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to get started?

The only requirement is that you have RETS or WebAPI credentials from the MLS or data provider you want to get setup with. Read more about the process here.

Do I need to be an agent or broker?

This is dependent on the MLS area you need to connect to. Please contact the MLS directly to learn their requirements for setting up a RETS or WebAPI data feed.

Why is there a $199 connection fee?

The setup fee covers the necessary costs in making sure your feed is accurate, up-to-date, and robust. When you connect a RETS or WebAPI feed to SimplyRETS, our team will begin applying the data mappings, syncing the data, and QA testing the feed to make sure everything is working as expected. Importantly, no charges are made until your app is activated and ready to use.

How do I get RETS or WebAPI Credentials?

To get RETS or WebAPI credentials, contact the MLS area you would like to connect to and they can help you through the process.

Do you sign a vendor agreement?

If your area requires a third-party vendor agreement, or data access agreement, to use your RETS or WebAPI credentials with SimplyRETS, please reach out to and we will be happy to review and sign it. For additional information, please see our service level agreement.

Can I get nationwide MLS data?

To access listings in a given area, you need to have RETS or WebAPI access from the MLS. If you have RETS or WebAPI credentials in multiple MLS areas, you can manage them all in SimplyRETS and access the listings via the API.

Do you support my MLS?

SimplyRETS will work with any RETS or WebAPI data feed. It is not specific to any MLS area. If you have RETS or WebAPI credentials, and authorization to use them, SimplyRETS will work.

Can I try it with my RETS or WebAPI credentials first?

We don't currently have a trial period with live data -- however every app goes through a QA process to ensure compatibility and consitency with our test data. YOU WILL NOT BE CHARGED until your app has passed QA and is activated.

Do you have a phone number I can call?

No, but please do email us any questions you have! We believe that making questions and resources public is more beneficial to us and our users. You can always reach us at

Do you offer bulk or vendor discounts?

We do, and we take this on case by case basis. If you want to use SimplyRETS in your product, feel free to contact us:

Do you brand the data?

Nope! You are free to display your data however you see fit. We don't have any rules regarding this.

Why is the SimplyRETS API rate limited?

We use liberal rate limiting techniques to ensure a maximum quality of service for all users of the API. We allow no more than 5 concurrent API requests and each account has a daily maximum depending on the type of account you are signed up for. Please visit the SimplyRETS Service Level Agreement for more information on our guarantee for quality.