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SimplyRETS is a platform for developers and agents to build real estate applications and websites with the listing and market data from your MLS.

How it works

  1. Get RETS Credentials from your MLS
  2. Create an app with SimplyRETS
  3. Start building your website or application
$ curl -u simplyrets:simplyrets 
# JSON Response
   property: {
     roof: "Composition",
     style: "Traditional",
     area: 3148,
     bathsFull: 3,
     bathsHalf: 1,
     stories: 2,
     fireplaces: 1,
     heating: "Central Gas",
     bedrooms: 4,
     interiorFeatures: "Alarm System, Breakfast Bar",
     lotSize: "8425",
     exteriorFeatures: "Back Yard, Fenced",
     subdivision: "Lakes/Avalon Village Sec 1",
     type: "RES",
     yearBuilt: 2006
   mlsId: 47639149,
import requests 

# These are our demo API keys, you can use them!
api_key = 'simplyrets'
api_secret = 'simplyrets'
api_url = '' 

response = requests.get(api_url, auth=(api_key, api_secret)) 


// These are our demo API keys, you can use them!
$username = "simplyrets";
$password = "simplyrets";
$remote_url = '';

$opts = array(
        'header' => "Authorization: Basic " . base64_encode("$username:$password")
$context = stream_context_create($opts);
$file = file_get_contents($remote_url, false, $context);

var https = require('https');
var options = {
    host: "",
    path: "/properties",
    auth: "simplyrets:simplyrets"

https.get(options, function(res) {
    var body = "";
    res.on('data', function(chunk) {
        body += chunk;
    res.on('end', function() {
        var response = JSON.parse(body);

Simple Developer API

Our Listings Search API is built for developers to build robust applications with Real Estate data in a fast and simple way. Our RESTful API has support for dozens of queries to allow making everything from basic to complex geographical searches easier on you.

Simple Pricing

SimplyRETS pricing works per app or domain. You can connect multiple MLS's to a single plan. Each MLS connection requires one time $199 connection fee. After that you simply pay monthly - no long term contracts, no hidden fees, just the best RETS solution.


$ 49/mo

The perfect property search integration for expanding your online presence.

  • 5,000 searches per day*

  • 2-hour Refresh Periods*

  • Active, Pending Listings*

  • Residential Listings
  • Condo Listings
  • Rental Properties
  • MultiFamily Listings
  • Commercial Listings
  • Farm, Lot, Land Listings
  • Open Houses


$ 99/mo

Provides the most value for a site that needs diverse search options.

  • 10,000 searches per day*

  • 2-hour Refresh Periods*

  • Active, Pending, Sold Listings*

  • Residential Listings
  • Condo Listings
  • Rental Properties
  • MultiFamily Listings
  • Commercial Listings
  • Farm, Lot, Land Listings
  • Open Houses



A plan to power large enterprise websites with heavy search demands.

  • 50,000 searches/day*

  • 2-hour Refresh Periods*

  • Active, Pending, Sold Listings*

  • Residential Listings
  • Condo Listings
  • Rental Properties
  • MultiFamily Listings
  • Commercial Listings
  • Farm, Lot, Land Listings
  • Open Houses

* - Hover for details

Need more searches?

Need to power a site with more than 50,000 searches per day? We can handle that. Reach out any time and we can work with you to build a tailor-fitted plan that guarantees a powerful and reliable property search.

Other Services & Addons

  • businessMulti-MLSAdd-on

    Any of our plans and products can have multiple RETS feeds hooked up. To keep it simple,you can add additional MLS's for only $25/month on the Basic plan, $50/month on the Premium plan, and $100/month on the Enterprise plan.

  • GeocodingAdd-on

    Some MLS's do not provide latitude and longitude to their listings. You can get the SimplyRETS geocoding add-on to do this for you and make mapping listings a breeze for only $15/mo. Our geocoder scans all of the listings hourly and keeps them up to date

  • data_usageMarket AnalyticsAPI

    The Market Analytics API is a tool for agents to gather useful information from MLS data. You run searches from the SimplyRETS dashboard to generate unique data points for any given area or listing.

You're in Good Company

  • We used SimplyRETS to build a recent client project, and the service they're providing made our lives WAY easier! Anyone who has ever dealt with MLS systems before knows how much work it can be to integrate them. With SimplyRETS you do the work once, and can add new systems super quickly. Their customer support was awesome as well, they always answered our questions quickly and did everything they could to help.

    - Andrew, Partner @ Krit
    October 2018
  • SimplyRETS got our site to an MVP much more quickly than dealing directly with our local MLS system. I was able to get the basics sorted out in about four hours - after trying to get the correct libraries installed to speak directly the our IDX feeds for four days!

    - Joshua B.
    From December 2015 - present
  • SimplyRETS has been a joy to work with. If you're serious about building real estate apps and tools, they are hands down the best. The team is super friendly and happy to answer any questions regarding their API. The documentation is great and the pricing can't be beat!

    - Brennen P.
    From January 2018 - present
  • At Voiceter Pro we have created a conversational real estate search engine using the Amazon Alexa voice platform. We use SimplyRETS to find the housing information we need to give back to our users. For a while, the MLS data was a huge thorn in our side and made it incredibly difficult to get buy in from prospective markets, but after using SimplyRETS data is so easy we hardly even think about it anymore. Their geocoding option is also incredibly important since geocoding can be slow and often comes with a lot of restrictions on how you use the data. SimplyRETS is fast, reliable, and allows us to power the future of real estate consumer interactions!

    - Amitai Berger, Creator
    From January 2017 - present
  • SimplyRETS provided us with access to our MLS data. Their API is clean, well-documented, and RESTful API - a real pleasure to work with.

    - Saritasa, LLC
    From December 2015 - present
  • Over the years, we have tried numerous systems to try and pull the listings data and RETS feeds to our site. They software was either too hard to work with or their customer service was low grade. With SimplyRETS, we found that not only did they offer a great product, but since we have been with them, have had top notch customer service. If you are a broker, agent, or programmer looking to implement listings data to your website, this company is for you!

    - Benjamin D.
    December 2015
  • I've been very happy with your API. Of all the APIs I'm using, it has been the most reliable and easy to use. Thanks again for allowing me to use your API - it was absolutely what I hoped it would be!

    - Matthew C.
    August 2015

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