Ten Ways to Leverage Your IDX Listings for More Traffic

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RETS (Real Estate Transaction Standard) has been around since 1999 and is the most widely used system for syndicating listing information in the United States and Canada. It allows realtors to access MLS data more efficiently, meaning that agents can get their clients up-to-date info on listings quickly and easily. But what does this have to do with driving traffic to your MLS IDX listings? Let’s break it down.

Ten Ways to Leverage Your IDX Listings for More Traffic

How to Drive More Traffic to Your MLS IDX Listings

Having IDX data integrated into your site by working with SimplyRETS is just the first step. You also need to make sure that people see it! Here are 10 ways that you can use SimplyRETS to integrate your RETS or RESO Web API feed on your website and drive traffic to your MLS IDX listings:

1. Share on social media

Promote your real estate listings across social media platforms so that potential buyers see them.

2. Create a video tour of the property

Show off your listings in a way that makes people excited about them by creating virtual tours of each one!

3. Blogging

Feature each of your properties or provide helpful advice related to buying or selling homes in general on your blog. This will draw attention back to your site and help increase engagement with potential buyers!

4. Feature your listings on your home page

Promote one or more of your featured properties on the home page of your website so everyone who visits knows exactly what you have available right away.

5. Mobile Responsive Site

Make sure that people viewing your site from mobile devices can easily access all its features so they don’t miss out on anything important while they’re browsing.

6. Build your brand

Create content specifically tailored towards buyers in the area where you specialize, so they know exactly what kinds of services you offer and why they should choose you over another agent.

7. Photography

High-quality photos will draw more attention from potential buyers who may not yet be considering a purchase.

8. SEO

Fill content pages with relevant keywords related to real estate topics and locations so search engine robots can recognize them when indexing online results.

9. Email Marketing

Send out emails at regular intervals with updates about new properties or helpful tips related to buying and selling homes.

10. Paid Search Advertising

Invest money into targeted search engine ads so interested buyers will come directly onto your site when searching for specific terms related to local markets or other criteria related to homebuying decisions.

Leveraging Tech for Success

Using RETS and RESO Web API has made it easier than ever before for real estate agents to eain access to high-quality MLS data quickly and conveniently via an IDX system which can then be leveraged to drive traffic back toward their website through various methods such as social media promotion, blogging, email marketing campaigns, and paid search advertising.

With SimplyRETS’ solutions tailored specifically towards helping agents install and optimize their own custom-built systems powered by RETS and RESO Web API technology, there’s no better time than now for those who want to take advantage of this powerful toolset within this digital age. Want more information on optimizing your MLS IDX listings? Contact us now!


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