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  1. May 24, 2023 Nick rets, webapi, idx, api

    Five Essential Elements of a Lead Converting Real Estate Website
    Five Essential Elements of a Lead Converting Real Estate Website - Nick

    Are you a real estate agent looking to make the most of your online presence? Having an up-to-date and efficient IDX website is essential for engagement with potential home buyers. You need more than a website to generate new real estate leads, you need a real estate IDX website with five key features. Continue reading to learn more.

  2. May 17, 2023 Nick rets, webapi, idx, api

    Six Ways an MLS API Can Improve Your IDX Website
    Six Ways an MLS API Can Improve Your IDX Website - Nick

    MLS data is a great resource for real estate agents and their clients. But without proper programming, it can be difficult to integrate it into a website. With the SimplyRETS MLS listings API, you can improve the overall quality and performance of your IDX website.

  3. July 07, 2022 Cody Reichert wordpress, idx, mls, information, development

    How to build a real estate IDX website on WordPress
    How to build a real estate IDX website on WordPress - Cody Reichert

    Whether you are a solo real estate agent or part of a bigger brokerage, having an online precense is a critical part of finding and closing sales. Not only do many people start their search online before contacting an agent, but a place for your existing clients to search and view properties can help increase brand awareness and give you more authority in your local market. Building a website from scratch can be a big project, though, and it doesn’t always make sense to spend time and money on custom website development. That’s why we’ve focused on building a plug-and-play solution to easily creating WordPress IDX websites for your real estate business. With that in mind, this post is aimed to give you a general idea of what it takes to build a real estate website to display and search your MLS listings: Sections Select a domain name and hosting provider Choose a free or paid theme Install the SimplyRETS plugin Add pages and short-codes

  4. December 03, 2015 Christopher Reichert rets, webapi, api, idx, mls

    Listings API Tips and Tricks
    Listings API Tips and Tricks - Christopher Reichert

    Code and Coffee w/ SimplyRETS At SimplyRETS, we try our best to make using our API and services a simple and pleasurable experience. This article describes some simple tips geared towards maximizing the stability and performance of your SimplyRETS application.

  5. November 30, 2015 Christopher Reichert rets, idx, mls, maps, javascript

    Building Interactive Maps
    Building Interactive Maps - Christopher Reichert

    Map real estate search apps are a great way to enhance web app functionality and user-engagement. They can be significantly more user-friendly to use for real estate listing search utilities than standard html forms. Many features in the SimplyRETS API are built with this specific use-case in mind. SimplyRETS real estate map search For the uninitiated, SimplyRETS leverages your RETS or RESO Web API data feed to provide a more modern and robust API for developing real estate software using listing, open house, and agent data from your MLS. Our services are designed to be simple and effective for any developer to use productively. In this tutorial, I’ll outline how to build a simple map-based search app using the SimplyRETS API. If you want to skip to the code or follow along with a complete sample, you can use our Github Examples Repo. We’ve prepared a live demo with the code from this tutorial here. Sections Background details Getting set up Include dependencies Adding JavaScript Drawing on the map Calling the listings API Conclusion

  6. April 16, 2015 Cody Reichert rets, webapi, idx, api, tutorial

    When building real estate websites and applications with the SimplyRETS API, there are several built-in features that make it easy to paginate through listings and search results. This post will outline those features and provide examples for creating and navigating “pages” of listings.

  7. April 07, 2015 Cody Reichert rets, idx, wordpress, maps

    Wordpress Plugin Map Views
    Wordpress Plugin Map Views - Cody Reichert

    Today, I’m excited to announce the v1.3.4 release of our WordPress plugin which has all new integration with Google Maps to give your visitors a better Real Estate property search experience. SimplyRETS believes in making IDX and RETS searches better and easier to user. We’re constantly looking for ways to improve both our WordPress Plugin and our API in this regard.

  8. April 04, 2015 Christopher Reichert rets, idx, information

    Hello, SimplyRETS!
    Hello, SimplyRETS! - Christopher Reichert

    Welcome to the SimplyRETS Blog! SimplyRETS is a service which connects to your RETS or RESO Web API IDX feed to offer a vastly simplified and modern REST API. We are helping developers building real estate software save time and money so they can focus on what’s importand; innovation. SimplyRETS makes it easy for developers with little or no experience in real estate data to get started quickly.

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