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SimplyRETS makes it easy to build websites and applications with RETS and WebAPI listing data from your MLS. Get started with our plug-and-play WordPress integration, or build a custom application using one of our developer APIs. Whatever your use case, we've got a way to help.

Listing Search API

IDX website using the SimplyRETS search API
Interactive listings search API documentation

Use the interactive documentationto run API queries or get started with one of the open source examples.

The SimplyRETS API makes it extremely simple to write a highly customizable app or website using RETS or WebAPI data from your MLS.

Have questions or want to try out the API? Visit our documentationor create an accountto access the free trial data.

WordPress IDX Plugin

The SimplyRETS WordPress plugin makes it fast and simple to show MLS listings on your website. Just install it, sign in, and start making more sales.

SimplyRETS WordPress Plugin for IDX websites
  • SEO friendly! No iframes
  • Plug and play setup
  • Built-in features like advanced search filters
  • Compatible with WordPress themes
  • Pages, shortcodes, widgets, and more!

Market Analytics


Market Analytics is a tool to help agents gather useful information from their MLS data. You run searches from the SimplyRETS dashboard to gather data points on a given area or listing. From there, you tell average selling price, area activity, monthly costs commission rates, and many others.

  • Search specific MLS areas for refined results
  • See how single listings stack up to other in the area
  • Find current areas with the highest commission rate
  • Get the most up to date information for your buyer or seller
  • Visualize your data in a way that's easy to understand
Get Analytics

Get Market Analytics for only $40/mo, or try the free demo


Web apps showing MLS with SimplyRETS geocoding addon

The Geocoding Addon will give every listing in your feed a latitude and longitude. This makes building map-based search pages easier and faster without any performance hits to your site. If your MLS's data already provides lat/lng, you will not need this addon, but most do not.

Get Geocoding

Add the Geocoding addon for only $15/mo