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How we use Assertible to test the SimplyRETS API and website

by Christopher Reichert June 3, 2017

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Behind the scenes at SimplyRETS, we focus a lot of our effort on testing to make sure our API, website, and other web services are always functioning properly. Our infrastructure relies heavily on continuously testing at each step of the development process. One of the tools we rely on the most is Assertible, a tool for testing and monitoring APIs and websites. We use Assertible to monitor and continuously test our API, website, blog, and any other web services in our infrastructure.

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Pagination with the SimplyRETS API

by Cody Reichert April 16, 2015

When building real estate websites and applications with the SimplyRETS API, our built in pagination will allow you to easily create “pages” of listings. There are a couple different methods for creating pagination links - below is a short tutorial on how that can be accomplished.

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